How To Update Your DirectStorage Firmware for FireCuda 530

Breathe fresh life into your already ultrafast FireCuda 530 with this free DirectStorage firmware update. Let us walk you through the simple process for bringing your PC improved performance.

Table of Contents:

This FireCuda 530 firmware update enables DirectStorage support to supercharge your FireCuda SSD. By reducing CPU overhead and I/O latency, load times and asset streaming are streamlined—allowing for improved multitasking and optimized PC gaming with DirectStorage compatible games. Plus, current and future Seagate customers will receive this update at no cost. Just follow the simple steps below.

How To Update Your Drive Firmware

  1. Head to your PC’s Advanced Tab. 
  2. Copy your drive's serial number.
  3. Go to
  4. Scroll down to Firmware Downloads.
  5. Enter the serial number and click Search for Firmware.
  6. Download and install the firmware.
  7. Enjoy faster load times and improved performance!