MACH.2: Unprecedented Performance

Our groundbreaking Multi Actuator technology—MACH.2—doubles IOPS performance in a single hard drive by using two independent actuators to transfer data to the host computer concurrently.

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As higher areal densities on future hard drives put downward pressure on performance, MACH.2 Multi Actuator technology will more than offset these pressures. That means customers with data-intensive applications will continue to enjoy the highest levels of hard drive performance while they simultaneously keep up with the need to manage ever-increasing quantities of data.

MACH.2 solves the need for increased performance by enabling parallelism of data flows in and out of a single hard drive. By enabling the data center host computer to request and receive data from two areas of the drive in parallel, simultaneously, MACH.2 doubles the IOPS performance of each individual hard drive, which more than offsets any issues of reduced data availability that would otherwise arise with higher capacities.

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