Inside Gaming With Seagate

Meet the Hard Drive & Xbox Game Pass Bundle

We’ll explain which Seagate hard drives come bundled with Xbox Game Pass, and why an external HDD can be the best companion with the subscription game service.

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So. Many. Games.

If you’re an avid gamer, the cost of buying titles a la carte can add up fast. But with Xbox Game Pass, for a monthly fee that’s less than the price of a new game, you get access to new and classic games—each one downloadable to your console to ensure optimal gameplay. Imagine getting to play all the games you want for a fraction of the cost of one game a month.

Plus, with the new Game Pass Ultimate, users can get Game Pass and Xbox Live available on their Xbox and their desktop PC. Welcome to the wide world of gaming!

Take It for a Test Drive

Xbox and Seagate have partnered up to offer players with the opportunity to try Xbox Game Pass for themselves. Simply by purchasing a Seagate Game Pass Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox  you get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate—one month free for the 2TB edition and the 4TB comes with two free months. Plus, Seagate’s sleek Game Drive SSD comes with two months in all of their capacity sizes.

And don’t worry if you are already an Xbox Game Pass member, this offer can stack right on top of your existing membership.

A Perfect Pair

With any of the Seagate Game Drives, you can download any titles you select from your Game Pass and have them sit right alongside any games you already purchased. Plus, you can then unplug the Game Drive, slide it in your pocket, and take it over to a friend’s house. Just plug it in and log in using your Xbox account. That’s a lot of games you can play anywhere you please.

How to Redeem This Offer

  1. Open up your new Seagate Game Drive and locate the Xbox Game Pass insert card.
  2. Log in to your Xbox Account.
  3. Scroll to the “Xbox Store” and select “Use A Code”.
  4. Enter the unique code that’s on your Xbox Game Pass insert card.
  5. Click “Accept Redemption”.
  6. You’re ready to start your trial, or it’ll stack right on top of your current membership if you’re already a user.
  7. Play all the games!

Redeeming the bundled offer is easy, and if you need help with any other tips and tricks on how to optimize all your gaming needs, check out more videos at Inside Gaming with Seagate.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming ✌