Lyve Cloud Hackathon 2022

Meet the developers who pitched their Lyve Cloud solutions to top executives and competed for up to $8K in prizes.

Table of Contents:

Seven submissions were shortlisted for the final Hackathon Demo Day held at IMDA Pixel Lab, including functioning data migration and media streaming solutions that compliment Lyve Cloud to solve real-world challenges. Event day judges—Erez Baum, Noa Franko Ohana, David Gu, Muhammad Yazid, and James Xi—recognized the outstanding quality of all the work and gave highly positive feedback. 

The winning solution came from Tang Yun and Qian Xu, who worked together to brilliantly tackle the challenge of data migration and movement. Besides supporting data migration from multiple cloud providers to Lyve Cloud, other key features include live monitoring and continuous bucket synchronization. 

Clinching second and third place were Liew You Sheng and Kai Wei Hoon. Their proposed media streaming solutions outlined both depth and breadth with essential features such as the low TTFB and supporting CORS for webpages while offering other notable elements such as RFC 7233 compliance and ease of changing media streaming display points. 

The remaining four teams were lauded for their strong foundations and well-rounded thought process that established their data migration solutions as no less praiseworthy.  

Oliver Wee cleverly crafted CSTOR S3, featuring key benefits such as credential security and real-time monitoring, keeping large datasets and error resilience in mind.  

Giang Nguyen, Louis Phung, and Nhan Nguyen successfully delivered a solution that supports AWS, real-time monitoring, multipart download, and local caching.  

Lwin Maung Maung Thaw, Xu Haiyang, and Theekshana Wijewardhana gave an innovative spin to their AWS EC3-hosted solution, ensuring fast loading and response and multi-client anonymous access.  

Lastly, Callista Chang devised a migration tool that allows users to file objects by creation date and/or file size and select the number of threads for faster data transfer. 

After months of preparation, Lyve Cloud Hackathon has come to an end and its success is attributed to the support of our partners, judges, and mentors.  

The hackathon doesn’t stop here, however. There’s still untapped potential in each solution and Seagate Lyve Labs will continue aiding in their maturation and eventually connect potential customers with these innovative developers. At Seagate, we’ve always believed in the power of collaboration and our team will continue engaging with young developers and supporting them in their journey to greatness.