Multi-Site Surveillance Systems For SMBs

Discover Best Practices For Multi-Site Surveillance Systems

Learn how to optimize the full capabilites of your multi-site surveillance system.

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Surveillace for SMB Surveillace for SMB Surveillace for SMB

Remote Surveillance Management: Tips For Saving Time and Reducing Cost

The current pandemic has required companies to answer questions that they never really had to think about. One of the most important is how to remotely manage and monitor sites when the unexpected strikes—as well as how to manage multiple teams and set up detections and smart alerts.

Synology’s Surveillance Station® is the perfect solution. It runs on your Synology NAS with purpose-built Seagate® IronWolf® and IronWolf Pro hard drives, is simple to set up, offers an easy-to-use interface, and lets you manage deployments of any size while keeping everyone safe.

How It Works

Step 1: Attach your IP cameras to your network.

Step 2: Connect your Synology NAS or NVR to the same network and it will automatically find the connected cameras.

Step 3: Connect your computer or mobile device to the same network and log into Surveillance Station to access, manage, and watch your entire deployment in real time using Live View.

Once everything is set up, your team can log in from anywhere without having to use port forwarding or complicated VPN settings.

Event Detection and Bandwidth Optimization

You can also easily enable event detection and optimize bandwidth for each camera. From Surveillance Station, select the camera you want to use and then navigate to its settings. Choose from the options to set a detection area that monitors a specific location in the frame, enable missing object detection, and adjust the sensitivity for busier locations.

Other options let you determine how to receive alerts—choose from email, text, workstations, or push notifications. You can also use smart search to quickly find the footage you need without pouring through hours of video.

The Advantage of a Central Management System (CMS)

Traditionally, monitoring multiple locales required a team to travel to those locations, but with travel restrictions and safety orders in place, this is no longer an option for many businesses. Surveillance Station addresses this need while saving time and money, allowing you to easily monitor several locations at once using a CMS.

CMS enables multiple NAS or NVRs to sync to a centralized NAS and monitor every deployment from one screen. You can also set up user permissions to allow managers to change settings or users to view authorized devices. Since you are running multiple NAS or NVRs, we recommend IronWolf or IronWolf Pro hard drives with built-in CMR technology and the ability to handle high workloads, 24x7.

The combination of Synology and Seagate offers you proven and tested technology for your surveillance solution along with demonstrated hard drive and NAS compatibility for that extra peace of mind.