Process your data fast—and affordably.

Ample compute resources. Zero complexity.

Say hello to Lyve® Cloud Compute, a service designed so that you can bolster operational efficiency—without sinking resources into expensive and convoluted systems. With powerful, cost-effective, elastic compute resources at the ready, you can develop, deploy, run, and virtualize any application in the cloud without sacrificing price, security, or performance.

Scale Whenever, However
Get the best of everything—enterprise-grade storage and compute services that you can scale up or down.
Compute Instances at Your Fingertips
Gain access to predefined compute instances the moment you get set up.
Agile and Ready
Take on any workload with high throughput and enjoy full compatibility with AWS EC2 APIs.
Simple Setup and Management
Easily support running workloads in complex storage environments—no advanced IT degree necessary.

Locked in? We prefer no limits.

Move mass data across private and public clouds to wherever it drives the most value.


Scale whenever, however.

Lyve Cloud Compute automatically scales compute resources to ensure high availability, performance, and efficient resource utilization. You define the policy, and Lyve Cloud Compute ensures performance and availability while keeping resource utilization optimized to reduce costs.


Compute instances at your fingertips.

As soon as you’re set up, you’ll immediately gain access to a variety of virtual machine images, and, of course, you can always customize your own images too.


Agile and EC2 ready.

Less than 1 millisecond latency. That’s it. With read/write throughput like this, teams can smoothly tackle any workload—from heavy-duty analytics to general IT use cases, such as backup, file sharing, content development, and collaborating. And since Lyve Cloud Compute is compatible with AWS EC2 APIs, you can consume the cloud-native services you know and love.


Simple setup and management.

Lyve Cloud provides a plug-and-play platform for all your computing needs. Its intuitive dashboard displays number of buckets and total storage, and you can easily track monthly stored data as well as estimated cost for each month through automated monitoring, alerts, and detailed reporting.

Case Study

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN Uses Seagate Lyve Cloud

Simple, scalable, cost-effective object storage for unstructured car sensor and factory data.

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