Predictable Pricing

Take your cloud budget further with industry-leading TCO and zero fees.

Cloud TCO that’ll shock you—in a good way.

We’ve stripped away the cost-prohibitive extras that trap data in silos and leave you wondering where your money’s going each month. Lyve® Cloud’s object storage as a service with zero add-on charges for egress or API calls ensures you’ll never be surprised by your cloud storage bill and reduces data storage TCO by up to 70%. Scale without limits thanks to elasticity and best-in-class cloud storage efficiency and security. That’s the feeling of multicloud freedom.

Pay Per TB
Only pay for what you store with simple, capacity-based pricing at $9 per TB.
No Extra Charges
Always know what your bill will be with no surprise charges for API calls, writes, reads, deletions, or expert support.
Access Your Data Freely
 Retrieve your data whenever you want with no egress fees.

Always know what you’re going to pay.

Now that’s priceless.

Pay Per TB

Lyve Cloud provides stable pricing to ensure long-term cost predictability and no scary cloud bills for backup, analytics, and beyond with its pay-per-TB pricing model.

No extra charges.

That means no surprise fees or charges for API calls, writes, reads, egress, deletions, expedited data access, or expert support. We believe that your data is your data. By eliminating vendor lock-in and unpredictable costs, Lyve Cloud enables you to read, write, overwrite, and delete your data on your terms—without prohibitive costs eating your budget.

Access your data freely.

Crafted for high availability, durability, and reliability, Lyve Cloud makes sure that your data is available when you need it without costly delays—even in disaster recovery events.


Object Storage Designed for Multicloud

Learn how to enable multicloud freedom with Seagate Lyve Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data.

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