Ransomware Data Protection 

Support your anti-ransomware strategies with a safe and efficient S3 object storage target. 

Keep your enterprise data safe.

Cyber attacks are on the rise, commonly targeting and encrypting enterprise data for monetary reward. To prevent these attacks, data must be safeguarded from end to end with a trusted backup solution. Lyve® Cloud S3 object storage provides enterprises with a secure, flexible, and cost-efficient backup storage target, enabling fast retrieval and cloud-based disaster recovery.

World-Class Security
Lyve Cloud features multi-level authentication, object immutability, and encryption for data at rest and in motion, enabling continuous data protection.
Object Immutability
Prevent data deletion, manipulation, and data integrity challenges with highly durable and immutable object storage.
Always-On Availability
Access data anytime without costly delays thanks to best-in-class availability and durability.
Seamless Integration
Designed for compatibility with a variety of applications, Lyve Cloud storage as a service is simple to use with backup management tools of your choice.

More data protection. More peace of mind.

Learn how Lyve Cloud can put your ransomware worries to rest.

World-Class security.

Comprised of talented industry veterans, Lyve Cloud has a mature Information Security Management System (ISMS) modeled after IS0 27001. Rigorous controls, strong processes, and comprehensive polices govern the management of Lyve Cloud, resulting in a highly secure, reliable exabyte storage service clearly aligned with the principles of Trust Services Criteria (TSC)—security, availability, process integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Object immutability.

Object immutability is the ultimate feature in ransomware protection, delivering tape-like air-gap data security. With secure retention mode options for object immutability, users are enabled to specify data retention times for each S3 bucket. Combined with automatic replication and audit logs to support compliance and track suspicious activity, this provides unmatched protection for backups stored in Lyve Cloud.

Always-on availability.

High availability paired with industry-leading data durability (supporting 99.999% uptime) and encryption ensures data is available when it’s needed. Object immutability, when turned on at the S3 bucket level, will protect data against cyber attacks, ransomware, and malware, ensuring that data cannot be changed or tampered with. This will reduce an organization’s vulnerability to data attacks, supporting rapid data recovery and a fast return to normal business operations.

Seamless integration.

With its simple, trusted, and efficient design, Lyve Cloud enables seamless integration with leading industry backup software providers. These layers of security allow enterprises to seamlessly back up, scale out, and protect their data from cyberthreats.


Object Storage Designed for Multicloud

Learn how to enable multicloud freedom with Seagate Lyve Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data.

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