Case Study

Solving Our Own Data Problem

Seagate creates Lyve Cloud for TCO and security advantages.


Internal Solution Leads to New Customer Offering

Like most enterprises, Seagate struggled with long-term data recovery, multiple backup storage vendors, and increasingly large data sets. Seagate created Lyve™ Cloud to consolidate and access its own data for analytic insights. In the process of addressing its own internal challenges, Seagate discovered a way to help enterprises of all sizes get a handle on their data problem.

Better TCO
Predictable Cloud Economics without Extras

With no charges for API or egress, Lyve Cloud enables Seagate to move its data without incurring excessive costs.

Cost-Effective Backups
Backup Storage Cost Savings

Seagate saves $200,000 a month in backup storage costs with Lyve Cloud. Using a public cloud would double the company’s bill.

Ease of Access
Fast and Reliable Cloud-Based Recovery

Instead of waiting for tapes to be recovered, packaged, and shipped, Seagate gets almost immediate access to restores.

Trusted Protection
Globally Recognized Security Standards

All data that Seagate stores in ISO 27001- and SOC 2-certified Lyve Cloud is protected against malicious attacks.

Our Story

We are a world leader in mass data storage infrastructure solutions.

Seagate crafts the datasphere, helping to maximize humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered mass data storage and management solutions. A global technology leader for more than 40 years, the company has shipped over 3,000 exabytes of data capacity

Our Goal

We wanted to overcome the cost and complexity of cloud storage.

Seagate wanted to eliminate the various data silos that were preventing the company from unlocking the full value of its greatest business asset. The vision was to create a common global repository where data could be securely stored, accessed, and analyzed without exorbitant fees

Our Problem

We were tired of discarding valuable insights.

Most public clouds don’t support big data analytics from an economics perspective. With so many complicated storage tiers and additional charges for moving and accessing data, Seagate was throwing its data away before the value of that data could be unlocked simply because it was too expensive to store.

Our Solution

We designed a scalable and secure storage-only cloud.

Seagate created Lyve Cloud: fully S3-compatible storage as a service with simple, capacity-based pricing and zero charges for moving and accessing data. Rather than replace Seagate’s existing cloud strategy, Lyve Cloud was designed to complement the company’s existing cloud ecosystem.

Our Success

We store more data for less and easily harness its power.

Lyve Cloud empowers Seagate to store more data in a centralized repository for analysis without worrying about mobility, security, and total cost of ownership. This has also enabled the company to standardize its backup solutions globally. Lyve Cloud proved to be such a success internally that Seagate was eager to share it with the rest of the world.

“Lyve Cloud is fully S3 compatible, making it suitable for multiple data-intensive use cases—from backend for backup to content repositories to big data analytics.”

Ravi Naik,
CIO and Executive Vice President, Storage Services
Products Used

Lyve Cloud

Frictionless storage as a service, available at the metro edge.

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