Lyve Management Portal User Manual
Lyve Management Portal 

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Subscription Management

How do I create a Lyve Cloud subscription?

 Only master users and sub users will be able to create or see Lyve Cloud subscriptions. End users will not.
  1. Go to and sign in. Enter a verification code to continue to Lyve Management Portal.
  2. On the Lyve Services page, click Get Started on the Lyve Cloud card.

  1. On the Service Plan page, select the billing service plan for your Lyve Cloud subscription and click Continue.
 Lyve Cloud services are only available in the US and UK.
  1. In the Account ID field, enter a unique ID for your account and click Validate. Once the account ID has been successfully validated, click Continue.

  1. Enter the name and contact information of the console admin. This user can perform all the operations in the Lyve Cloud console.

  1. Enter the end user details and click Continue.

  1. Review your service plan and account details. If you have a valid promo code, enter it in the order summary section.

  1. Submit your order or request a quote from Seagate.

After creating your subscription, you can access the Lyve Cloud console by clicking Launch Console from the subscription tile on the Your Lyve Cloud Subscriptions page.

How do I register a deal?

Solution Providers can register a deal with Seagate. For more information, see the following Deal Registration FAQ.

 Customers of a Solution Provider cannot view deal registrations.

Register a deal

To register a deal:

  1. Follow the steps to create a subscription.
  2. On the Subscription Review page, scroll down to the Deal Registration section and check the Deal Registration checkbox. Use the links to review the terms and conditions, and then acknowledge them by checking the checkboxes.

  1. Click Request Quote.

Deal status

Once the quote is requested, Seagate begins the deal registration approval process. The status of the deal can be tracked on the Subscriptions page in Lyve Management Portal. Until the deal is approved by Seagate, the status displayed will be Deal Registered. The status will update accordingly when the deal is approved or declined.

For a subscription to qualify as a registered deal, it must be both approved by Seagate and then converted to an order within 90 days of submitting the deal registration request. A deal will expire 90 days after you've submitted it for review, even if the deal has been approved. Contact your Lyve Sales representative to request an extension and resubmit the deal for approval. If you don't know who your Lyve Sales representative is, contact

Once a deal is converted to an order, it will show up in Lyve Management Portal as a subscription and can no longer expire.

Convert to order

A deal can be converted to an order at any time. To convert a deal to an order, click on the Deal Registration card and click Convert to Order.

How do I manage users?

User types

With the Lyve Cloud service, there are two types of users:

Account users—Users who are responsible for creating and managing projects/subscriptions, as well as managing billing in the Lyve Management Portal.

Console users—Users who can perform various actions in the Lyve Cloud console based on the assigned role in the console.

 You can be either an account user or a console user, or you can be both.

Account users

Each account user is assigned one of the following roles in the Lyve Management Portal:

Master account admin—The master account admin is the account owner, responsible for all Lyve Service billing and payments while also adhering to the site and product terms and conditions. They hold permissions to create and manage projects and subscriptions, as well as view and manage billing.

Sub user—The sub user manages individual Lyve Service projects and subscriptions under the master account, and is responsible for monitoring usage, billing by project/subscription, and product user requests.

Product end user—Designated primarily only for Lyve Mobile Data Transfer and Lyve Mobile Import users. End users are in-field operators managing the data transit workflows of their Lyve Mobile devices. They have the ability to add additional product end users to projects if needed.

 Only master account admins and sub users can create and view projects/subscriptions. Product end users cannot.

To learn more about account user management in the Lyve Management Portal, see How do I manage users in my account?.

Console users

Each console user is assigned one of the following roles in the Lyve Cloud console:

Administrator—An administrator can perform all the operations in the Lyve Cloud console.

Storage administrator —The storage administrator can manage all storage-related actions, including managing buckets, permissions, and service accounts in the Lyve Cloud console.

Auditor—An auditor has read-only access to the Lyve Cloud console, and thus cannot perform any actions. They have the ability to add additional product end users to projects if needed.

To learn more about console user management in the Lyve Cloud console, see Managing Users and Roles.