Nov 02, 1999

Eurologic Systems and Seagate Announce Support for Latest SAN-Enabling Technologies

Eurologic Systems, a leading worldwide provider of innovative, high performance data storage solutions for storage area networking and vertical market applications, today announced that it will again raise the bar on its high-performance data storage solutions and pave the way for its customers to enable the benefits of storage area networks. The Company unveiled plans to support the latest generation of storage interface technologies for ultra-high-performance data access, transfer, and storage, including 2Gb Fibre channel and Ultra160 SCSI, in its family of data storage products.

Eurologic will incorporate Seagate Technology's newest disc drive technologies, supporting 2Gb Fibre Channel and Ultra160 SCSI, into its lines of SAN-ready and universal storage products. These products are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2000. This latest agreement is an extension of Eurologic's and Seagate's long-standing relationship. The companies have been cooperatively developing data storage technologies since 1992.

Michael J. Stolz, Vice President of Marketing for Eurologic Systems, said, "Eurologic and Seagate have a shared commitment to quickly adapt to the emerging data storage needs of our customers and provide them with the highest standards of bandwidth, performance, and data integrity. Our relationship with a world-class, leading-edge supplier like Seagate to integrate the latest generation of technologies into our data storage solutions is testimony to that commitment."

"With dual loop 2-Gbit Fibre Channel data rates reaching up to 400 Mbytes per second, and with Seagate's Fairness technology in our Ultra160 SCSI implementation, bottlenecks at critical network junctures decrease and more distributed computing eases the flow of transmission traffic," stated Sherman Black, Seagate vice president of Enterprise Product Line Management. "We expect this technology to fuel massive growth in the deployment of Storage Area Networks."

Eurologic supplies data storage solutions for applications such as video, broadband communications, and electronic commerce, which need the benefits provided by storage area networks -- simultaneous access to data by multiple devices at very high bandwidths. By integrating 2Gb fibre channel technology into its products, Eurologic will be able to provide the extremely high bandwidths - up to 200 MB per second over a single loop - required by these types of applications.

Incorporation of Ultra160 SCSI data transfer technology into Eurologic's data storage technology will enable Eurologic to offer its customers faster, more reliable data transfer without jeopardizing their existing data storage technology investments. Ultra160 SCSI provides significant advancements in the rate of data transfer, offering data transfer speeds of up to 160B per second, double the speed of the previous generation of SCSI.


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