May 11, 1999

Linear Tape-Open Program Unveils New Web Site

Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM and Seagate, the technology provider companies of the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) program, today unveiled an enhanced LTO program Web site, signaling greater focus on marketing to prospective users and on improving communication with editors and analysts.

The updated site,, provides visitors with new opportunities to "stay connected" by registering to receive periodic LTO program news electronically. It also incorporates expanded content, faster page loading, simplified navigation, new graphics, search capabilities and areas devoted to editors and analysts who track the networked data storage industry.

"The unveiling of our new site coincides with the achievement of several key milestones by the LTO program," said Jack Trautman, general manager, Hewlett-Packard1s Storage Division, Computer Peripherals Bristol. "It sets the stage for increased program activity and marks the beginning of our efforts to reach out to the market in anticipation of product announcements from LTO program licensees."

Areas now available for browsing on the LTO program site include:

  • About LTO Technology
  • About the Accelis Format
  • About the Ultrium Format
  • Stay Connected
  • Editor and Analyst's Toolbox
  • Password-protected areas dedicated to licensee communication.
  • Visitors can access in-depth textual content and view Shockwave files that graphically depict unique features such as LTO Cartridge Memory and servo technology. For fast access to desired information, the site now includes a search engine and comprehensive site map.

    The Editor and Analyst Toolbox section provides this influential audience with the tools they need to evaluate, understand and communicate about LTO technology to their readers and customers. Within this area a wide variety of background and technical information, white papers, graphics suitable for publication, spokesperson biographies, event schedules and contact directories are available. LTO technology combines the advantages of linear multi-channel, bi-directional formats with enhancements in servo technology, data compression, track layout and error correction code to maximize capacity, performance and reliability. The Ultrium format, one of two formats based on LTO technology, uses single-reel media. First generation products will feature capacities of up to 200GB (100GB native) and data transfer rates of up to 40MB/s (20MB/s native), assuming a 2:1 compression ratio. Accelis format is a fast-access, dual-reel implementation that is designed to offer data retrieval in less than 10 seconds. Both formats have an identified four-generation roadmap for future capacity and performance enhancements.

    For additional information on LTO technology, visit the LTO Web site at