Mar 14, 2011

Seagate raises the Curtain on New Creative Professionals Programme

In anticipation of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference, Seagate (NASDAQ: STX) today unveiled its Creative Professionals Programme (CPP), an initiative designed to exploit the influence of music, film and photography professionals to help drive greater awareness of how digital storage is used in their creative workflow and emphasize the importance of backing up important digital assets. Initial programme participants include:


Seagates Creative Professionals Programme (CPP) works to share the craft and artistic works of world-renowned music, film and photography professionals.

Grammy award-winning keyboardist, Rami Jaffee: The Wallflowers, The Foo Fighters and many more

“Seagate has got my backup. I record so much stuff and need to have duplicates of the primary. I’m talking terabytes of files that I catalogue. With this quantity of high definition recordings, I cannot simply trust my work to just any hard drive. There is a level of performance and quality that Seagate meets, which cannot be said for a lot of the brands that are out there. Nowadays, my boys and I do not record to anything but Seagate products. I really cannot express enough how much my craft is dependent on this technology.”

National Geographic photographer and NPPA Magazine Photographer of the Year, Jim Sugar

When a photographer/filmmaker is pushing the limits to create dramatic images and video, challenges arise that did not exist when using analogue formats.  Ensuring that the external storage can keep up with the speed and file sizes required by today’s high-end cameras and computers becomes a crucial component in making the entire imaging workflow process go smoothly. Most professional DSLRs also shoot video, which creates greater demand on the drive to keep up with the processing power of the camera and the computer. With Seagate’s lightweight, reliable GoFlex ultra-portable drives for storing, transferring and backing up my work, I have the peace of mind that my photos and videos are protected and accessible.”

Producer and audio engineer, Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock: Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Riverboat Gamblers and many more.

“What I’m looking for in a hard drive is reliability, compatibility and speed. There are brands of drives I will not use because they have given me problems in the past, like they won’t work on my system or I have reliability issues or speed errors. I’ve never had these issues with Seagate products. I’m happy to work with Seagate to help my fellow artists realise the importance of selecting the right storage tools.”

Professional photographer, Gary Copeland, clients include: Volcom, Converse, Arnetter, Oakley, Epitaph Records and many more.

“In my line of work, next to my cameras, there is not a single piece of equipment that is used more, or more heavily relied upon, than my hard drives. Digital storage has literally become the centerpiece of my work life. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it, and working on ways to make it more streamlined and effective.”

Official DJ for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, DJ Jam

“It’s important that I back up my work both in the studio and on the road. I have a lot of files and need to know that they are as safe as Fort Knox, so I use Seagate’s 3TB FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Desk drives in my studio to store all my audio and video files, and go on tour with two of the 1.5TB FreeAgent GoFlex drives.”

The Creative Professionals Programmepage on will provide visitors with biographical information about each participating artist and examples of their work, as well as listing the storage tools used by each professional to protect their digital assets, such as the Seagate FreeAgent® and GoFlex™ families of storage solutions. The site will also feature hyperlinks to each artist’s Internet properties, occasional guest blogs, videos and written interviews with each professional detailing how they incorporate storage into their creative process and the benefits delivered by each storage solution.

To learn more about Seagate’s Creative Professionals Programme, please visit

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