Mar 21, 2001

Seagate's New Cheetah makes a Record Run, Setting the Pace as the World's Fastest Disc Drive for the Needs of the Internet and Beyond

SCOTTS VALLEY, California - The world's fastest disc drive just became faster, and now it is ready to break more records, continuing its reign as the champion of enterprise performance and reliability. The Cheetah X15-36LP, the second generation of the internationally praised 15K RPM Cheetah X15, will be offered in the industry-leading Ultra320 SCSI or 2-Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces and doubles its capacity to over 36 Gbytes while also surpassing the last generation's time-to-data performance. The Cheetah X15-36LP was created for transaction processing applications such as those running within high-performance, data-intensive enterprise servers and workstations that must access information as quickly as possible, while still maintaining unparalleled reliability and data integrity. In 24 x 7 x forever server environments, drive failures cannot be tolerated and Seagate's product development engineers understood this critical point when designing the Cheetah X15-36LP.

Seagate has had tremendous success with its first generation Cheetah X15, the world's first 15K RPM disc drive. It has enjoyed high demand and rapid adoption by major OEMs and within the distribution channel, with over a half a million Cheetah X15 drives being put into service in less than a year. The Cheetah X15's field data also clearly demonstrates that it has the highest reliability rating in the industry. With the Cheetah X15-36LP, Seagate is the only disc drive maker that can deliver the assurance and confidence that comes from delivering its second generation 15K RPM drive.

"Performance is only half the story and Seagate understands the need to deliver industry-leading I/O capability with world-class data reliability. Seagate has consistently been the leader in pioneering newer, better and faster technologies because there is a clear need for these types of storage solution for virtually every industry today," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. "Storage is at the heart of many enterprises, whether it is a small business or a multinational corporation. Our design team understands this, and the Cheetah X15-36LP is a crowning achievement to their commitment in providing the best performance and reliability available."

Many of Seagate's OEM customers are also excited about implementing the Cheetah X15-36LP in their own systems. Top server and storage OEMs, such as Compaq, understand that higher performance can also lead to less overall system cost. "Compaq has achieved record-setting TPC-C benchmark scores using 15K RPM hard drive technology," said Ian Williams, manager of Compaq's Server Storage products. "Our customers demand superior performance in enterprise storage and server deployments, and the 15K drive delivers. With the new 15K RPM product, we are able to provide our customers with even larger capacities without sacrificing performance, quality or reliability. This enhances the customer's deployment flexibility in sensitive areas such as database or eCommerce environments. Working closely with Seagate, we will continue to focus on delivering the best price/performance enterprise storage solutions available."

World Class Performance
The Cheetah X15-36LP delivers seek times as low as 3.6 msec as well as latencies of 2.0 msec and can access data 28 per cent faster than 10K RPM products. It also delivers up to 69 Mbytes/sec formatted transfer rate. The first-generation Cheetah X15 is the clear time-to-data champion of all drives being delivered today, and the new Cheetah X15-36LP will set new enterprise performance standards.

The Cheetah X15-36LP is offered in both the Ultra320 SCSI and 2-Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces. Both interfaces are leading performance choices and are well suited for bandwidth-intensive data transfers. Ultra320 SCSI and 2-Gbit Fibre Channel are also backward compatible with Ultra160 SCSI and 1Gb Fibre Channel respectively. Seagate's implementation of Ultra320 SCSI comes ahead of the industry and underscores Seagate's commitment to providing leading technologies first, so that the disc drives will be ready when Ultra320 SCSI host bus adaptors and ASICs are made available.

World Class Reliability
The Cheetah X15-36LP, like the first generation Cheetah X15, is designed to work in intensive 24 x 7 x forever server environments that store business-critical data. The goal of Seagate's design team was to deliver the fastest and most reliable drive for these environments. By building on the field-tested reliability of the first generation Cheetah X15, and offering a 5-year warranty, Seagate's confidence in the dependability of the Cheetah X15-36LP is clear.

Cheetah drives are the most recognised and rewarded high-performance disc drives in the world. This is achieved in part through Seagate's commitment to its extensive research and development efforts, strict adherence to the Six Sigma quality philosophy and incorporation of its exclusive 3D Defence system, as well as focusing intently on fulfilling the needs of its customers.

Seagate's exclusive 3D Defence System - Drive Defence, Data Defence, Diagnostic Defence - is the industry's first complete protection solution designed to provide data protection all the way from the Seagate manufacturing facility through to final system integration. This innovative combination decreases handling damage, protects valuable data and provides an alert for potential problems.

Pricing and Availability
Single evaluation-unit prices of the various Cheetah X15-36LP models are as follows:
ST318452LW/LC, 18GB Ultra320 SCSI, US$395.00
ST318452FC, 18GB 2Gb Fibre Channel, US$395.00
ST336752LW/LC, 36GB Ultra320 SCSI, US$750.00
ST336752FC, 36GB 2Gb Fibre Channel, US$750.00

The first Cheetah X15-36LP models are scheduled to be delivered during the second quarter of 2001. For more information about Seagate's enterprise-class products, visit

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