9 Enterprise Backup Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Explore nine common backup storage challenges facing enterprises today and how they affect data security and accessibility.

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Secure and Activate Your Enterprise Data

The volumes of data your enterprise generates will continue to grow exponentially, but storage costs and complexity don’t have to grow with them. With one easy-to-use solution, you can consolidate your organization’s valuable data into a single repository and activate it to yield new insights and innovations through advanced analytics.

Data Growth

Your Business Has a Data Problem

With 68% of enterprise data going untapped for insights, you need a comprehensive backup solution to help you harness exponential data growth.

Backup Challenges

Data Loss is Bad for Business

Learn how Lyve Mobile lets you consolidate and access multiple terabytes of endpoint data anywhere so you can accelerate time to value.

Business Continuity

Overcome Enterprise Backup Challenges

Your enterprise can safeguard business continuity with a data backup solution that provides data security in all aspects—including infrastructure, software, features, and processes.

Trusted Solution

On-Demand Scale-Out Storage

Seagate® Lyve Cloud tackles your enterprise backup challenges by providing security, cost savings, ease of use, and more—all at an exceptional total cost of ownership.