Case Study

Hitachi and Seagate

Tech Partners Meet Japanese Research Institute’s Data Growth Needs

Hitachi and Seagate Respond Quickly to Research Organization with Data Storage Solution

A Japanese public research institution required a scalable data storage solution within a limited timeline. The project was awarded to Hitachi, who brought their own technology partner, Seagate®, onboard. Both companies worked swiftly to deliver the right solution, meeting the customer’s requirements for a file server right on time.

Quick Implementation
Meet Short Turnaround Timeframes

The Seagate-Hitachi collaborative storage solution was successfully put in place within the client’s tight deadline.

Compatible and Expandable
Adopt an Easy Data-Expansion Solution

Seagate's data storage solution integrates with existing systems and scales for the future.

Zero Business Disruption
Experience High-Performing Storage

Seagate’s compact, high-capacity solution features open-source and optimal CPU/memory configuration.

Reliable Storage
Support and Protect Ever-Growing Data

With Seagate’s offering, organizations can procure, install and verify a smart, dependable data storage solution.

Their Story

Research and Data Growth Never Stop

Research data can add up quickly, as this Japanese research organization understands very well. Their aim was to implement a storage solution that could be procured, installed, and verified quickly, with as little to no effect to their ongoing research projects as possible.

Their Goal

Compatibility and Expansion

Hitachi’s Japanese public research institute customer wanted to install a data storage solution that could integrate with their existing systems as well as scale for the future.

Their Problem

Current and Future Needs

The Japanese research organization was faced with its own fiscal deadline to complete its storage solutions project. Simultaneously, they wanted to ensure their selected solution would be able to continuously handle their ever-growing amount of research data. 

Their Solution

Hitachi Chooses Seagate for Customer Storage Project

The research institute contracted with Hitachi and its technology partner, Seagate, to launch its storage solutions project. The volume of data used in research fields is ever-increasing. The organization knew it had to find a low-cost, reliable storage solution for their valuable research data that could also ensure future scalability. In order to meet its customer’s multiple requirements, Hitachi knew it could count on its technology partner, Seagate, and more specifically, Seagate’s Exos® AP 2U12 storage server and Exos E 2U12 rackmount enclosure. As an OEM customer of Seagate storage solutions themselves, Hitachi was familiar with Seagate, as well as the Exos AP unit’s predecessor, and could vouch for both the company and its products. 

Hitachi’s  customer was pleased with Seagate’s ability to provide a compact yet high-capacity solution (due to the Exos system’s hard disk drive [HDD] vertical integration). Also appreciated were the open-source configuration (thus no vendor lock-in), optimal CPU/memory configuration, future scalability (made possible with JBOD expansion), competitive pricing, domestic sales/technical support, and the collaboration between Hitachi and Seagate. They were especially happy that both companies could meet their short lead time.

Their Success

Ongoing Storage and Strategy

With the new storage solution and strategy provided courtesy of the Hitachi-Seagate working relationship, the institute’s  research can be carried out without limitations and future scalability is assured.

“I believe the collaboration between Hitachi and Seagate is effective. The ability to respond to the customer's need for increased storage capacity in a timely manner was a major attraction. ”

Shinya Motoyama ,
Senior Engineer Hitachi

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