"Holon with headquarters in Sydney, Australia is a leading Asia-Pacific distributed data storage provider." Their technology verifies its health and integrity 24×7, uses multiple storage partners across the globe (resulting in a hypercompetitive market and significantly lower customer costs), and relies on green data centers powered by industry-leading hydro, geothermal, and wind energy, with solar offsets.

Holon has been passionate about Web 3 since 2017 and is the fastest growing green data storage provider in the Asia Pacific region powered by the Filecoin ecosystem.

“Today, everybody's familiar with the data model of Big Tech being data capture”, said Heath Behncke, managing director at Holon. “The Filecoin ecosystem, underpinned by the IPFS (the Interplanetary File System considered the “backbone” of Web 3), enables us to shift to a data custody mode for data, very much like in financial services, and how we actually protect people's assets”.

Data custody means maintaining data and systems, moving data between systems, and combining/transforming data based on business needs.

The Holon team understands data is an asset and with ongoing technological advancements such as Web 3, Filecoin, and evolving data storage solutions, many developers are excited about the possibility of working with infrastructure that's more aligned to developers and end users/consumers.

Seagate: The Right Storage Infrastructure

“Holon has the expertise,” Behncke said, “and Seagate has the technology infrastructure in place.” 

Holon partnered with Seagate to provide their leading-edge data storage solutions because Seagate CORVAULT ticked all the boxes they were looking for.

As a Web3 storage provider, Holon verifies data, so they use blockchains and algorithms to verify the integrity of that data.

CORVAULT has many data protection features built into it. It delivers maximum security for customers’ data without the controller-level overhead. All drives in CORVAULT come with Seagate’s secure, self-encrypting drive technology. The security levels provided by CORVAULT ensure that a company’s data is always protected.

Holon also cares about environmental sustainability. Their New Zealand storage system runs on 100 percent green hydro energy and the storage system is already full with “some amazing clients out in the U.S.,” according to Jonathan Hooker, director of technology and innovation at Holon.

Why CORVAULT Works for Web 3

There are multiple features that make CORVAULT the perfect solution for Web 3-focused storage. One specifically is ADR which allows the drive to regenerate itself after a failure, which reduce the environmental impact of computer e-waste as ADR drives are renewed instead of discarded.

“At Holon, it keeps our mind at ease knowing the Seagate CORVAULT storage system is robust and self-healing,” Hooker said.

Another Web3-relevant technology within CORVAULT is ADAPT, an erasure coding algorithm that sets the standard for data protection. With traditional RAID technology, it can take days to recover lost data during drive failure. ADAPT provides faster rebuilds within hours, offering five nines availability.

Holon works on the bleeding edge of Web 3's data storage. They also offer compute-over-data and also smart contracts with a Filecoin virtual machine. As Web 3 and their own data is growing at an exponential rate, Holon considers Seagate CORVAULT to be best-in-class in terms of density, efficiency, and energy. Its ease allows Holon to deploy Web 3 storage seamlessly.

Seagate designed CORVAULT to be the new category of intelligent storage and now it takes storage infrastructure to another level.

At Holon, it keeps our mind at ease knowing the Seagate CORVAULT storage system is robust and self-healing.

Jonathan Hooker

Director of Technology and Innovation, Holon

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