Case Study

Staying Competitive with Smart Block Storage

How Exos CORVAULT brings the goods to Filecoin storage providers.

From Overcoming to Outperforming

Isotechnics is a company dedicated to bringing specialized support to Filecoin service providers. When they found themselves facing significant business risks due to hardware limitations, they turned to Exos® CORVAULT™ to gain a competitive edge and bring reliable results to their customers.

Increasing Their Resiliency

CORVAULT’s 99.999% availability and autonomous drive regeneration ensures optimal uptime for Isotechnics.

Decreasing Their Costs

CORVAULT’s intelligence and easy deployment have lowered Isotechnic’s overall operating costs.

Helping Their Customers Scale

CORVAULT’s simple, petabyte-level scalability allows Isotechnics to meet the expanding needs of Filecoin service providers.

Saving Their Customers Money

Thanks to Isotechnics’ operational savings with CORVAULT, they've in turn been able to lower data storage costs by 30% for customers.

Their Story

Delivering full node management through trusted architecture.

Reflecting a passion for technology solutions that help make the world a better place, Isotechnics focuses on Filecoin, a blockchain-based cooperative data storage and retrieval method. To support storage providers, the company offers consulting services specializing in the deployment, operation, and automation of Filecoin nodes.

Their Goal

Wanted: a fast, reliable megadata storage solution.

To successfully offer node management solutions to Filecoin service providers, Isotechnics needed a system that could reliably meet Filecoin requirements with minimal downtime.

Their Problem

Success hinged on meeting proof deadlines.

Filecoin requires proof of data storage every 24 hours. Starting out, the company used traditional storage which took a lot of time to configure. There were also other issues, including server performance. They started failing Filecoin proving deadlines because the CPU was a bottleneck. This was a problem for the business, as their market requires speed and reliability to manage Filecoin nodes.

Their Solution

Improving system reliability.

Needing a cost-effective solution for reliably managing Filecoin nodes, they turned to CORVAULT, an intelligent data storage system with one-button configuration, 99.999% availability, autonomous drive regeneration, and seamless scalability for high-volume workloads.

Their Success

Fewer operating costs. More competitive edge.

CORVAULT’S speed, resilience, and reliability have helped the company outperform competitors. Isotechnics can consistently meet Filecoin’s 24-hour proof deadlines and CORVAULT’s intelligence and easy deployment have lowered operating costs. In turn, Isotechnics can pass cost savings on to customers, decreasing the cost per terabyte by 30%.

“Filecoin needs data storage proof every 24 hours. A slow system increases the chance of missing that deadline, leading to loss of revenue. CORVAULT gave us the performance we needed on an easy-to-use platform.”

Jason Cihelka ,
CTO at Isotechnics

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