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The Multicloud Maturity Report

Find out how your business can thrive in the multicloud.

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Key Takeaways from the Report

Today's leaders are experiencing anxiety over growing multicloud costs. Companies that win are ones that tightly control data-related costs while scaling data-driven innovation. In this report, discover steps your organization can take to become more multicloud mature and, ultimately, more successful in unlocking your data’s business value.

Takeaway One
Multicloud Complexity is Rising

More than half of respondents currently manage 100+ intercloud integrations. Those using 4+ cloud providers is expected to double in two years.

Takeaway Two
Data Costs Make It Worse

73% of business and IT leaders report that their organization is hampered by data retention costs, which limits their ability to maximize data value.

Takeaway Three
The Multicloud Maturity Model

Using our one-of-a-kind model, we examined companies’ ability to minimize data costs and maximize data-driven innovation in the context of the multicloud.

Takeaway Four
How Your Business Can Win

How does your multicloud maturity rank? Answer the report’s survey questions to find out—and check out our advice on how to level up.


Transform Your Business Growth

ESG reveals the key to unlocking new markets and new business models.

In many ways, innovation is about eliminating friction that slows down and locks in data—whether it’s cost- or access-related friction. Multicloud may be a given. Its many sources of friction are optional.