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Pioneering the Web3 Revolution with Lyve Cloud

Discover how OORT’s partnership with Seagate Lyve Cloud redefines decentralized data cloud services.

29 Jan, 2024

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OORT ( stands at the forefront of Web3 cloud services innovation. Seeking a partnership that would enhance its brand and offer an economically efficient solution for its clients, the company chose to collaborate with Seagate Lyve® Cloud. This alliance links OORT to a well-known offering and provides a strong system that gives users peace of mind to trust OORT with their important data.

  • Operational Cost Efficiency. By leveraging Seagate cost-conscious storage solutions—that don’t come with egress fees—OORT has refined its operational expenses. This translates into a more competitive and user-friendly pricing model.
  • Optimized Data Utility. Files housed with OORT seamlessly integrate with its AI interface, paving the way for unmatched efficiency and data utilization.
  • Brand Amplification. Teaming up with Seagate, a widely recognized company, has greatly enhanced OORT's brand recognition. The collaboration helps to strengthen trust and credibility for customers and the wider user community.
  • Strategic Global Expansion. Seagate's commitment to advancing OORT's global presence gives the company the chance to expand into new markets and establish potential partnerships across the globe.

Their Story

OORT is a pioneering decentralized data cloud service solution with a clear vision: create a world where users exercise complete control over their data and interact with it using intuitive, natural language. OORT users engage with their data via AI interfaces, paving the way for rich data-driven applications. The platform ensures high-caliber storage of valuable data. With this advanced AI approach, users can harness the immense value of their data transparently and equitably.

The driving passion of OORT is to spearhead the evolution of the internet into its next era and broaden Web3’s accessibility and utility to all. Throughout this transformative journey, the OORT team members continually inspire each other and the wider community to push the envelope, shattering existing technology confines.


Their Goal

OORT aspires to become a dominant force in the Web3 domain, positioning itself as the premier decentralized data cloud service for both individual and enterprise users. In the short term, their focus is on enhancing and refining OORT’s AI interfaces to make them more intuitive and user friendly. It’s expected that this improvement will increase user engagement and open the door for more complex data-driven applications.  

Long-term, OORT is looking to cultivate strategic alliances with other technology frontrunners, aiming to make Web3 just as ubiquitous and essential as its forerunner, Web2. The organization plans to continue as the leader of the Web3 revolution by setting the standards for reliability, innovation, and unmatched usefulness.

As Sean (Sichao) Yang, chief technical officer at OORT, stated, “Our focus isn’t just on decentralizing data storage, but on transforming how users interact with and value their data. Our commitment is not just to technological advancement but to shaping an equitable digital future.”

Their Challenge

The main apprehension regarding cloud storage revolves around its security and dependability. This concern frequently leads users to assign less important data to these platforms and use the information housed there less frequently. The OORT leadership team recognized this challenge and sought to collaborate with renowned, credible entities to bolster their company’s brand. Such partnerships would instill confidence in users, prompting them to trust the platform with substantial volumes of their most valuable data.

Cost efficiency was also a key consideration, particularly as OORT scaled its operations. While the company had been utilizing a reputable cloud provider, escalating egress fees hindered its ability to offer users competitive pricing. Although OORT operated a data center in Montreal, Canada, the overhead associated with its maintenance—from hosting fees to hardware replacements and troubleshooting—was increasingly burdensome. This infrastructure strained financial resources and impeded OORT’s growth. As operational costs rose, the company faced the dual challenge of increased storage costs and burgeoning data egress fees.

Their Solution

OORT was immediately drawn to Seagate’s reputation as a leader in cloud storage. Despite OORT’s team being familiar with Seagate for years, the revelation that they could extend cloud storage solutions via Lyve Cloud was a pleasant surprise. When a partner introduced them to Lyve Cloud, it emerged as the perfect solution for their challenges and goals. 

Yang knew immediately that Lyve Cloud promised to enhance OORT’s brand stature while optimizing costs.

“Partnering with Seagate, a global leader in the storage sector, seemed like a smart strategic move,” he said. “Its reputation for offering cost-effective storage solutions and no data egress charges presented an opportunity to streamline our operational costs. The collaboration reinforced the robustness of our services and allowed us to adopt more competitive pricing, ensuring our clients always get the best value.”

Seagate collaborates with OORT to deliver the OORT DSS storage service through its S3-compatible Lyve Cloud solution.

Their Success

In its preliminary integration phase with Lyve Cloud, OORT has already witnessed a strengthened brand image and broadened client base, courtesy of Seagate’s influence. 

“Seagate has been instrumental in boosting our brand and fostering trust within our community,” commented Yang. “With their support, we successfully forged partnerships with major enterprises and a diverse range of clients.”

OORT looks forward to enhancing and growing their offerings thanks to the cost-effective Lyve Cloud solution. By removing egress fees, the organization can leverage more innovative AI solutions. 

“A standout feature is Seagate’s policy of not imposing any egress fees on content,” stated Yang. “This means that once users store their data with Seagate, the potential for AI interactions with that data is limitless.” 

Another advantage of no egress fees is the data stored in OORT is utilized efficiently, which will be a major selling point to new customers. And although they are primarily focused on the U.S. market now, Seagate’s steadfast support has helped OORT lay the foundation for their international expansion.

In a nutshell, with Seagate’s offerings, we’ve experienced substantial benefits across multiple facets of our business—from costs to customers to revenue. As an early-stage startup navigating a dynamic market, this partnership has been instrumental in fortifying our position and setting us on a promising trajectory.

Sean (Sichao) Yang

Chief Technology Officer OORT

Lyve Cloud: Achieve Multicloud Freedom as a Service

No egress fees. No API charges. No vendor lock-in. No, seriously.