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Lyve Cloud Assists in RebootCS Application Services Aims

Expanding from beyond its initial hardware and service provider days, RebootCS has ventured into application services, providing holistic solutions to its customers. With Lyve Cloud by Seagate, the company can add efficient, predictable, flexible S3 object data storage to its offerings.

04 Dec, 2023

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    Reboot Computer Services, Inc. ( began in 1996 with the mission to provide superior quality computer services and support with a highly personal touch to fulfill the computer technology needs of organizations. The company, also known as RebootCS, works within multiple industries, including education, professional, and private consumer markets and from multiple office locations, including New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Mumbai, India.

    Their Story

    In the beginning, RebootCS offered its clients hardware and associated tech services. The business started as an Apple service provider, offering support and storage area networks for Apple Xsan devices, mostly to consumers in the media/entertainment and education sectors. Over time, they broadened the scope of their OS expertise to support other markets and applications, including financial services, hospitality, healthcare (such as electronic medical records), and vehicle parking (parking lot/garage) point of sale.


    Their Goal

    For RebootCS CEO Mario Washington, the company is adding more application solutions that can incorporate media asset management, file management, or archiving. Since many of these areas require data storage-centric, RebootCS aimed to collaborate with a reliable solutions supplier in that field.


    Their Challenge

    The team at RebootCS noticed a pattern over recent years that many of their customers were using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data backup needs. At the same time, they noticed some missing potential. RebootCS wanted to give their AWS user customers more than a custom plug-in that transfers data to the cloud service. Potential existed for application services and plug-ins with other features. In addition, RebootCS observed that their clients were paying extra for AWS API calls and data egress.


    RebootCS understood their clients may have really loved some of their existing cloud storage service providers but wanted to know why, especially in instances where a customer may pay tens of thousands of dollars each month for their cloud storage service fee when a lower cost alternative was available.

    To reinforce its status as a comprehensive solutions provider—not just a hardware and service supplier—RebootCS created Dissemino (, a suite of products to help media companies, video service providers, and educational, professional, and private consumers work with the latest technology to improve workflow and services.  The suite offers a wide range of toolsets for Windows® and Mac® OS platforms, with all products working closely to bring together end-to-end solutions for customers—from production to archiving.

    With its Dissemino offering, RebootCS wanted to integrate with a cloud storage services provider that would allow for more than a single data transfer function plug-in and help customers save on cloud storage fees compared to other cloud service providers (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, etc.).


    Their Solution

    RebootCS ultimately decided to integrate Seagate Lyve™ Cloud S3-compatible cloud object storage for its Dissemino suite, resulting in theDissemino Lyve Manager product. Dissemino Lyve Manager lets users manage all their buckets and files with a convenient interface that doesn’t require a direct  Lyve account. Users can fully manage their file storage classes and access right, plus view files without first downloading them. It also allows users to add team members to the system and provide per-bucket access. With Dissemino Lyve Manager, users can generate private signed URLs featuring a custom expiration time to share uploaded files via message links or email.

    Washington and his team have worked with Seagate since the company’s inception. It wasn't difficult to persuade their clients that Lyve Cloud was reliable, given the reputation Seagate built over nearly four decades. “When we took a look at Lyve Cloud, I knew it was a great product layer for us,” Washington said. “And the price is right. This is our archiving and push platform for customers who are currently using or considering AWS.”

    When RebootCS asked customers which cloud-based data storage they preferred, several competitor names were included. However, customers struggled to note any distinction between the offerings, including price. For Washington, this supports the choice his organization made for going with Lyve Cloud, which is based on reliable Seagate hardware and has no egress or API call fees—features he wants to be more widely recognized. 

    RebootCS participated in feedback sessions during the development of what eventually became Lyve Cloud. The company recommended how to better tailor Lyve Cloud’s features with managed service providers (MSPs) in mind and have been pleased to see some of these suggestions appear throughout the evolution of Seagate’s cloud-based storage service.



    Their Success

    RebootCS is considering future initiatives where Lyve Cloud may be integrated, including phone data backup and mobile application management. In addition, Washington mentioned utilizing space in the RebootCS Los Angeles location adjacent to an Equinix data center. Customers could ingest directly on the edge for the fastest transfer and shuttle of data back and forth since they would be on the same network as Lyve Cloud, AWS, and Google. [Note: Seagate collaborates with Equinix—the world’s digital infrastructure company—to make Lyve Cloud accessible to more customers by locating Lyve Cloud infrastructure near Equinix Metal™ within Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers.].


    With Seagate Lyve Cloud cloud-based data storage now a part of the RebootCS Dissemino suite, the company can better provide its full capabilities.



    “When we took a look at Lyve Cloud, I knew it was a great product layer for us. And the price is right. This is our archiving and push platform for customers who are currently using or considering AWS.”

    Mario Washington

    CEO Reboot Computer Services, Inc.

    Lyve Cloud: Achieve Multicloud Freedom as a Service

    No egress fees. No API charges. No vendor lock-in. No, seriously.