BlackArmor NAS 220 Drive Replacement Tutorial

This tutorial provides the steps necessary for replacing a defective hard drive in a Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220.

Follow the steps below to replace a drive from a BlackArmor NAS 220:

  1. Power off the unit and unplug the AC power cable from the power supply

  2. Position the unit so you can access the rear panel, and turn it on its side

  3. Remove the three screws from the back of the unit that holds the top cover to the chassis

  4. Take the cover off sliding approximately 2 inches within the tracks on the bottom of the chassis

  5. Gently pull the hard drive bracket assembly white pull strap forward to release the hard drive from the bay.
    Note: When replacing a drive, it's important to identify the drive first. After removing the top cover you will notice that the drive on the top is the drive 1 and the one on the bottom is the drive 2, both will have their labels facing up.

  6. Pull the hard drive out of the drive bay while pulling forward on the bracket assembly strap.

  7. Remove the brackets by carefully pulling the bracket away from the side of the hard drive.

  8. Carefully position the replacement hard drive in the bracket assembly.

  9. Re-install the brackets onto the sides of the hard drive.

  • Two metal quick release pins hold the brackets to the side of the drive.

  • Align the bracket pins with the corresponding holes in the side of the hard drive. Push on the bracket face until the pins have completely and firmly seated.

  1. After attaching the brackets, carefully slide the hard drive and bracket assembly back into the drive bay. The bracket will lock the hard drive into its system connector.

  2. Reinsert the top cover and replace the screws back in place.
    Note: You will need to rebuild the RAID after replacing the drive.