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BlackArmor NAS - iSCSI FAQs

Discusses the alternative means of accessing the BlackArmor NAS known as iSCSI.

What is iSCSI as it relates to the BlackArmor NAS?
iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer System Interface. It is an IP-based networking storage standard and is used for the transmission of data that links to a data storage device which in this case is a BlackArmor NAS. It will give a local computer the illusion of having a locally-attached disk drive with a drive letter.

Is any special software needed to setup and use an iSCSI drive?
The BlackArmor NAS Manager page has an iSCSI Manager that is used to create the iSCSI Target and Device. Windows 7 and Vista have a built-in Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator that is used to connect to the iSCSI Target/Device. For Windows XP, the iSCSI Initiator is a free download from Microsoft.

Are there any limitations when using an iSCSI drive?

  • When using Disk Management in Windows, the 2TB limitation is valid when choosing to initialize the disk as MBR.
  • iSCSI devices cannot be used with an encrypted volume on BlackArmor.

Why am I able to setup iSCSI devices that exceed the free space of the BlackArmor NAS?
It works the same way in that when a normal share is created on the NAS, it gives its user access to the whole volume of free space unless a Quota is set up, or at least until other items in other shares, on the same volume, fill that space.

Is iSCSI faster than normal access of Shares on the NAS?
Many factors are involved in achieving the best iSCSI performance. If a network has several users, one tip is to split iSCSI network traffic from the user Ethernet traffic by setting up a dedicated network or subnet for iSCSI.