BlackArmor NAS - Resetting to Factory Defaults

This article explains how to factory reset the BlackArmor NAS.

Here are some examples of why the BlackArmor NAS Factory Rest tool would be used.

  1. There’s a need to start over clean with the NAS.
  2. NAS operating system corruption. Some features no longer function correctly.
  3. User, Data, Permissions, or Volume corruption.
  4. The Global Access Service does not stay enabled even if the latest firmware has been re-flashed to the NAS.
  5. Using the Restore to Factory Defaults tool on the BlackArmor NAS would be the last and final troubleshooting step before NAS replacement.
    This article will explain how to return the BlackArmor NAS to its Factory Default Settings.

    Note: This is a data-destructive process. Seagate strongly recommends that you backup all the data from the NAS before continuing.  
  1. Download the Facotry Reset tool from the Download Center.

  2. Launch FactoryDefault.exe. The restore to factory default application opens.  (This tool does not install, it is a single executable file.)

  3. In the first field, type the MAC Address of the BlackArmor NAS.  Do not use spaces or dashes inputting the MAC address. (The MAC Address can be found on a label on the back of the NAS).

    Note: If the NAS is a 4-Bay with two LAN ports, choose the MAC address for the connected LAN port.  

  4. Click Calculate.

  5. Highlight, right-click and copy the link that was generated in the second field.

  6. Open a web browser and type in http:// and hit Enter.  
    This will bring you to the BlackArmor NAS Login page.  Do not Login.

    Note: The NAS IP Address address can be found using the the BlackArmor NAS Discovery Application.  Click here to download the Discovery Thin Client application.  Also, the 4-Bay NAS has an LCD screen that can provide the NAS IP Address.


  7. Make sure there is one forward slash after the NAS IP Address then right-click and paste the link that was generated with the Factory Reset Tool, after the last forward slash “/” in the address field.  Click Enter.  

    The web page will now display the Default Configuration page and a Factory Default Restore button.

    Note: This is a data-destructive process.  Seagate strongly recommends that you backup all the data from the NAS before continuing.   
  1. Click the Factory Default Restore button to begin the process.

    A prompt will report, “This restores the device back to factory default settings.  All modified configurations and user data will be deleted.  Are you sure want to continue?”
  2. Click Ok

    The system will reboot.  This process can take 2 or up to 12 hours, depending if it is a 1, 2, or 4-Bay BlackArmor NAS and its drive sizes.  The 4-Bay NAS with 4 drives, will take 8 or more hours as it will rebuild a RAID 5 volume. 

    Note: If you would like to see a video tutorial of this process, click here.