Business Storage NAS - Mapping a Share in Windows Using Seagate NAS Discovery

Provides instructions for mapping a Seagate Business NAS share in Windows using the NAS Discovery software.

Please follow this procedure to map a Seagate Business NAS share in Windows using the Seagate NAS Discovery software:

  1. If Discovery is not already installed, insert the DVD included with your Seagate Business NAS into your DVD drive.
    The installation wizard opens automatically.
  2. If necessary, click Run Setup.exe in the AutoPlay window. If the installation does not begin automatically, launch it manually by clicking Start and then Run...
    Type d:\setup.exe when the Run dialog box displays (where “d” is the drive letter of your computer’s DVD drive).
    For Windows 7, click Start > Computer > Devices with Removable Storage > BlackArmor.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. (Windows 8: Press Windows key + D to arrive at the desktop.)
    Launch Discovery as administrator: Right-click on the icon on your desktop or in the Start menu under (All) Programs and select Run as administrator.
    The Discovery software launches.

  5. Select Next.
  6. Select the hostname of your Seagate Business NAS (or the name to which you changed it).

    The share selection page displays.

  7. You can assign a drive letter to a particular share of your choosing.
    If you would like to assign another share to another drive letter, please repeat the above procedure.
  8. To access the mapped shares, open (My) Computer and double-click on the drive letter you assigned to the share you want to access.