Business Storage Windows Server NAS - How to Access with Remote Desktop

Provides instructions for accessing the Windows Server NAS with Windows Remote Desktop.

Please follow this procedure to access the Business Storage Windows Network-Attached Storage device with Windows Remote Desktop:

  1. Press the Windows key (Windows key icon) + D to arrive at the desktop.
  2. Press the Start button.
  3. In the Search files and folders field, type the following:
    remote desktop
  4. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.
  5. Enter the IP address of the NAS device, then click Connect.
    For assistance finding the IP address, please check your router’s DHCP client table.

    Remote desktop connection screen
  6. For the user, enter: Administrator
    Then enter the password, and click OK.
  7. A message will appear that says. "The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?" 
  8. Click Yes
  9. When Remote Desktop connects, your NAS’s desktop will display.