Business Storage Windows Server NAS - How to create a shared folder

Provides instructions for creating a shared folder.

You can create shared folders (also called a "share") on the NAS that you can share across the network to different users and groups. Please follow this procedure to create a share:

  1. Click on the Server Manager icon (Server Manager launch icon) on the bottom left of the Windows screen.
  2. Select File and Storage Services, then Shares.
  3. Right-click in the blank area on the right side and select New Share.

    Right-click in blank space and choose the New Share option.

    The "New Share Wizard" launches.
  4. For basic setup, select SMB Share - Quick, then Next.
    Note: NFS Shares are typically for usage with Linux/Unix-based operating systems and they are always public.
  5. Choose your NAS in the top list and then choose the volume where you would like to create the Share.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Enter a share name and a description. In general, leave blank the local path and remote path fields, as they will change based upon the name.
    Select Next.

    Specify share name menu
  8. Choose options for the share, then select Next.
    Note: The encrypt option significantly affects the performance of file transfers to and from the share.
  9. Default permissions are shown here at the Share level (SMB) and Folder level (NTFS).
    • The most restrictive permission wins.
    • It is easiest to configure either NTFS or Share, but not both.
  10. To adjust permissions, select Customize permissions.
  11. To Add NTFS permissions, select Add.
    You may also remove default or previously set permissions from here.
  12. Choose Select a principal.
  13. Enter the user or group to set up Permissions, then select Check Names.
    You can separate names with a semicolon if you want to add more than one.
  14. Select OK when done.
  15. Choose the type of permission.
  16. Choose what the permission applies to (default is folder, subfolders, and files).
  17. Choose basic permissions.
  18. To setup Share permissions as well, select the Share tab.
    By default, all users have Read access. You can change that from this location.
  19. Select the User you wish to edit under the Share tab.
  20. Click Edit.
  21. Choose permissions for the selected user
  22. Click OK.
  23. Click OK on the Advanced Security Settings screen once all permissions have been set.
  24. Select Next on the New Share Wizard once permissions are complete.
  25. Click Create on the confirmation screen.
  26. Click Close.
  27. Your Share is now created and ready to use.