Business Storage Windows Server NAS - How to Join to an Active Directory Domain and Assign Domain Users to Shares

Explains the procedure for joining the Windows Server NAS to an Active Directory domain and assigning domain users to shares.

Please follow this procedure to join the Business Storage Windows Server NAS to an Active Directory domain and assign domain users to shares:

Set a Static DNS server address

By default, the Windows Server NAS is set to automatically obtain an IP address and a DNS server address. Seagate recommends you set a static IP and DNS server address manually.
In this example we will only set a static DNS server address.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Select View network status and tasks or Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Select Ethernet.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Select IPv4, then Properties.
  6. Select Use the following DNS server addresses.
  7. Enter the Domain Controller / DNS Server's IP Address, then click OK.

Join the Windows Server NAS to a Domain

  1. Open the Start menu.
    ( Press the Windows key () + D to arrive at the desktop first.)
  2. Open File Explorer ().
  3. Right-click on Computer and select Properties.
  4. Select Change settings Under Domain, and workgroup settings.

    Change settings menu
  5. Select Change...
  6. Under Member of, select Domain, then enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), then click OK.

    Menu where the domain can be entered
  7. Enter the user name and password of the Domain Administrator that has permissions to join the domain, then click OK.

    Password entry screen
  8. Click OK at the Welcome to the domain prompt. Click OK again.
  9. Restart the NAS to apply changes.
  10. Upon restarting, System Properties displays the Windows NAS on the domain.

    System Properties screen

Create a Share and Assign a Domain User to the Share

  1. Click on the Server Manager icon (Server Manager launch icon) on the bottom left of the Windows screen.
  2. Select File and Storage Services.
  3. Select Shares , then To create a file share, start the New Share Wizard.

    Server Manager screen
  4. Select SMB Share - Quick, then Next.

    Profile selection screen
  5. Select a Server and Share Location.
  6. For the Share location, choose select by volume.
  7. Select the drive letter/volume where the share will be created.
    It is not recommended to choose the C: drive to store the share.
    In this example we chose a RAID volume, drive letter R:.
    Select Next.

    Server and path selection menu
  8. Specify the Share Name and Description , then click Next.

    Specify share name menu
  9. Configure Share settings, then click Next.

Assign Permissions and Domain Users to the Share

  1. Select Customize permissions.
  2. In Advanced Security Settings for the Share, click the Share tab.
  3. Select Allow Everyone Full Control, then select Remove, then select Apply.

    Advanced security settings menu
  4. Add a specific user by selecting Add.

    User addition menu
  5. Click Select a principal.

Select a Domain User

There are two ways to select a domain user.

  • Under Enter the object name to select, enter the name of a Domain User and select Check Names.
    You may be prompted for the Domain Controller Administrator login credentials.
  • Select Advanced , then Find Now. A list of Domain Users will populate. Click the correct User, then OK.
    You may be prompted for the Domain Controller Administrator login credentials.

The following screenshot is for option 2:

User selection menu

The Domain User now listed as an object. Click OK.

Menu that displays the user

Set Permissions for the User

  1. By default, permissions are set to Read and Execute only.
    Check the Full Control and Change options, then click OK.

    Permissions modification screen
  2. Select Apply, then OK.
  3. On the Specify permissions window to control access, select Next.
  4. Confirm that the settings are correct, then click Create.
  5. Note that the Share was created successfully.
  6. Click Close.