Create a music playlist in Seagate Media App for iOS

Instructions on how to create a Music playlist within the Seagate Media app for iOS devices.
You are able to create Music Playlists within the Seagate Media app for iOS from your Seagate Wireless Plus or Seagate Central.

1. Connect your Ipad/Iphone to your Seagate Wireless Plus then open Seagate Media, Or open
    Seagate Media and connect to your Seagate Central.

2. Select the Menu button (3 lines) in the upper left corner and select Music when the menu opens.

3. Locate the music you would like to add to a playlist and tap the Checkmarked circle in the upper right.    
4. Select each song you would like to add to the playlist then tap Actions.

5. Press new playlist and choose to either Save as new playlist or Add to existing

    If you choose new playlist, create a name for the playlist and press OK.
    If you choose to add to an existing playlist select which playlist you would like to add the music to.