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Does Lyve store my photos and videos in the cloud?

Information on Lyve storage.Does Lyve store my photos and videos in the cloud?

The free Lyve app displays a single, consolidated library accessible from your various mobile devices and computers. For users who own a Lyve Home, Lyve Drive, or Lyve Studio, we offer an optional cloud service, which can store lightweight, encrypted, and super-compressed copies (or, “thumbnails”) of your photos. Having this setting on enables Lyve to quickly move lightweight versions of your photos between your devices.

For Lyve app users who do NOT have a Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive, this service defaults to on at all times and is not adjustable, as the Lyve app experience is dependent on the thumbnail service. Unless you own one of those devices, you won't even see the Cloud Storage setting when logged in to your Lyve Account.

Our cloud service is completely private and secure, and is in your control. We have it turned ON by default, to allow Lyve to easily generate those mobile-optimized photos, but you can turn it OFF if you'd rather not use this service. Note that Lyve has no access to your photos, regardless of whether or not this service is on. Check out this article for more details: About your Lyve account optional service settings.

If you add a Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive to your account, all of your photos and videos are always available to view in their original resolution - you aren't limited by which devices are online and awake, because Lyve Home, Lyve Drive, or Lyve Studio are always on.

With Lyve, your memories are private and in your control. With Lyve Home, Lyve Drive, or Lyve Studio added to your account, those memories are also protected and accessible from any device.