DVR Expander Installation and Setup - DIRECTV

Connection, installation, and initial usage instructions for the DVR Expander with DIRECTV DVR units.

Please follow these steps for installing and setting up the DVR Expander with a DIRECTV DVR.

Once you plug in the external drive, DIRECTV DVR receivers will use the DVR Expander drive to store its own DVR content only. The DVR will delete any content previously stored on the DVR Expander drive.

  1. Power off the DVR.
  2. Plug in the eSATA cable to the DVR and plug the power cable into the DVR Expander.
  3. Power the DVR on.
  4. After booting, the DVR will perform a self-check and format the external drive for use.

  5. When that finishes, the DVR Expander will now be the only storage device available.
  6. Setup the DVR to record the shows you want.