This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

FreeAgent Theater Playlist FAQ

Brief FAQ on FreeAgent Theater playlists.

Do I need a play list?

No, the free agent theater does not require a play list to play music, but it is capable of recognizing and playing lists that are saved with an .m3u file extension.

What play list formats does the Theater support?

Yes. The FreeAgent Theater supports the M3U playlist extension, but to keep it simple we eliminated the need for play lists on the Theater.  The easiest way to play music on the Theater is to create a folder on your PC with your favorite songs then drag and drop the folder onto the FreeAgent Go drive. Once the FreeAgent Go is docked and displaying on your Television, simply open the music folder and press play. After the music starts playing, you can toggle through the playback modes by pressing the repeat button continuously. The available playback modes include Repeat Current Song, Play All Repeat, Shuffle Repeat, Shuffle Only, and Play Normal.
How do I watch a photo slideshow and play music at the same time?

The FreeAgent Theater gives you 3 options. You can copy your favorite .mp3 files into your photo folder and they will automatically play once the slideshow begins. Alternatively you can open any music folder and start playing music, then open the photo folder and start the slideshow while the music is playing. The third option is creating a play list while the FreeAgent Go is connected to you PC and saving the play list into each folder you are running slideshows from.