Frequently asked questions about Photos for OS X

Frequently asked questions about Photos for OS X

Recently, Apple released OS X 10.10.3, which included their new desktop photo management application, Photos. This app is meant to ultimately replace the long-standing iPhoto application. Here are a few common questions that Lyve users may have about this transition.

Does Lyve support Photos?

Yes! The current version of the Lyve app for OS X now supports Photos as a source for continuous import. We also still fully support iPhoto, if that's your cup of tea.

How do I choose Photos as a source for Lyve?

To check which sources you have selected, open your Lyve preferences (Lyve menu>Preferences) and select which applications you would like Lyve to watch:

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Once selected, Lyve will automatically import any new photos you add to the chosen application.

Note that we recommend selecting either Photos or iPhoto as a source, not both at the same time.

I've changed the date of some photos in Photos, but nothing has changed for the same photo in Lyve. What gives?

Currently, any changes made to photos or videos in Photos for OS X will not be reflected in Lyve. We're aware of this limitation and we're researching the issue with Photos to see if it can be fixed. For more, please see these Apple Support articles:iPhoto 9.5: Change a photo’s name, description, and other information or Photos for Mac Help.

What about iPhoto? Does installing Photos change anything with iPhoto or Lyve?

The OS X 10.10.3 update leaves iPhoto and your iPhoto library intact, and you can still use iPhoto with Lyve, just as you have been doing up to this point, so nothing has really changed. Note that brand new Macs may not have iPhoto pre-installed.

What happens when I try to launch iPhoto after updating to OS X 10.10.3?

You’ll see this dialog asking you to choose which application you’d like to use going forward:

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Simply click on Open iPhoto to continue using iPhoto, or choose Open Photos to use that new app. Learn more about Photos here: Photos for Mac Help

What if I’ve removed iPhoto or any of it’s support files?

If you have removed the iPhoto app, your iPhoto library, or any iPhoto Application Support files, Lyve will no longer recognize iPhoto as a source for continuous import. This means that new photos which you drop into iPhoto (or the new Photos app) willnot automatically appear in Lyve, unless you choose iPhoto or Photos as a source (as outlined above).