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GoFlex TV - When setup as a Media Server, movies are listed but do not play

When using a GoFlex TV to browse to a Windows 7 computer which is setup as a Media Server, the movies may be listed but fail to play.
Here is what you may see when experiencing this problem:
  1. Select Browse.

  2. Select Media Servers.

  3. Select the Media Server. (This image represents a Windows 7 computer.)

  4. Click Videos.

  5. Click All Videos.

  6. Select a movie.

  7. The movie fails to play.

To correct, follow this procedure:

  1. With the movies listed, use the Menu button on the remote. See Document ID: 215011 or Document ID: 217751 for instructions.

  2. Notice that Browse is currently set to Show Movies, and that the movies are displayed.
    The movies should play but they do not.

  3. Set Browse to Show All Media.

Now the movie will play.