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How do I connect a Fibre Channel drive to my desktop PC?

Installing a Fibre Channel drive in a PC is not recommended, but this article gives instructions.
Seagate offers many hard drive models with the Fibre Channel (FC) interface. These drives will have a model number ending in FC (e.g., ST39102FC) and come with a standard Fibre Channel 40-pin SCA connector.

Although Fibre Channel drives use the SCSI command language, they require a special Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter controller. Seagate Fibre Channel drives are designed to be installed into an enclosure using a backplane that accepts the 40-pin SCA connector. To install a Fibre Channel device without using the appropriate enclosure/backplane, an adapter kit is necessary. This adapter kit will convert the 40-pin SCA connector to a connection with separate interface and power connectors. These kits are only intended to evaluate and demonstrate the Fibre Channel drives themselves, and the adapters do not represent an acceptable means of installing drives for a commercial application. The adapter will provide full 100 MBs throughput on the loop, and adapters are now available for the newer 200 MBs (2 Gigahertz) FC applications.

Minimum Requirements:

Fibre Channel Controller
Many companies offer Fibre Channel host adapters. The most common connectors for output used by Fibre Channel controllers are DB9 or High Speed Serial Device Connector (HSSDC).

Adapter, 40-pin SCA to Twin-Ax 3-pin
Fibre Channel adapters are available from CS Electronics (949-475-9100, ).

Cabling between Controller and Adapter
An external cable is needed to attach the Fibre Channel host adapter to the Twin-Ax 3-pin connectors on the adapter. This cable is available from CS Electronics (949-475-9100, ). This cable may only be available in segments; one segment HSSDC to DB9 male, and one segment DB9 female to two Twin-Ax 3-pin connectors. One cable or cable set is required per host adapter.

Additional Drives
Multiple drives can be connected together to form a continuous loop. One adapter kit is needed per drive. Interconnections between drives on the loop are made with the interconnect cables included with the adapter kit. The 2 Gigahertz adapter kits do not contain interconnect cables, and these must be purchased separately if needed.

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