How do I dispose of or remove the battery from a Samsung Wireless for recycling?

Provides information about battery replacement for end users and recyclers.
End Users:
The battery in the unit is not user-serviceable. The entire unit can be returned to Seagate for warranty replacement or disposal using the Seagate warranty return system.
Do not dispose of this product in your household trash. Return it to Seagate or recycle in accordance with local regulations.

For Recyclers Only:
There is a Lithium-Ion battery located in main compartment of the unit.
This battery can be removed following these steps:
  1. Turn the unit on and dissipate the battery (once the battery has been drained, both LEDs should stay off when the power button is pressed).
  2. Separate the top cover from the rest of the case using a plastic wedge.
  3. There are multiple plastic latches around the edge. These will likely break as you separate the cover.
  4. Remove the hard drive from the case. It is held by four pegs. It should lift straight out.
  5. Disconnect the hard drive cable.
  6. Disconnect the battery from the main circuit board.
  7. Separate the battery from the bottom cover and it is now ready for recycling.
  8. Please visit for recycling the battery once it has been separated.