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How to change FTP access to the GoFlex Home

Once port forwarding is set up on your router, you can change FTP access to your GoFlex Home. This article explains how.
  1. Open your Internet browser (ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  2. Go to http://goflex_home/
  3. From the main page, choose Preferences.
  4. Expand Network services from Server Preferences.
    1. Enable FTP access to your local LAN.
    2. Enable FTP access to the Internet.
  5. Use the drop-down menus to select yes or no for each type of FTP connection.
  6. You are now able to navigate to ftp://goflex_home/ while connected to your LAN (local area network) to gain access to your files without use of the Web-based UI (User Interface) or the Seagate Dashboard software.

Unfortunately, this will not enable you to perform backups using Memeo Backup without Seagate Dashboard installed.

Note: To enable FTP access to the Internet, you will need to setup port forwarding through your router. For a complete how-to for your router, please reference or your router's documentation. Also, please be aware of the security risks associated with using FTP off the Internet before you enable this feature.

Note: Port 21 is used for FTP:// (File Transfer Protocol)

Note: Port 22 is used for SFTP:// (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
This is only available with Seagate Share Pro Subscriptions.

To access your GoFlex Home through FTP over the internet, you will need to go to

Example: If your GoFlex Home name is goflexhome1234, you will go to

Note: This will access the GoFlex Home through a regular FTP connection. The only way to access the GoFlex Home through a secured FTP connection is to subscribe to SeagateShare Pro.