How to configure the boot sequence in the system BIOS or CMOS.

Provides some guidelines for configuring the boot sequence in a motherboard BIOS.

Every system BIOS is different. The steps provided are not meant to be followed word for word, but are provided as a guideline. Refer to your system manual or system manufacturer for specific information about your system BIOS.

  1. Power on the system and look for an on-screen message indicating which function key to press to enter Setup. The function keys used for entering the BIOS vary between manufacturers. Some of the more common function key messages are "Press DEL to enter SETUP," "F2=SETUP," or "Press F1 to enter SETUP."
  2. Immediately press the indicated key to enter Setup. If you miss this step, you can restart your computer and try again.
  3. Upon entering Setup, look for title headings such as Boot Order or Boot Sequence. If it is not on the main screen, you may look under Advanced Setup.
  4. Configure the 1st Boot Device as Floppy, 2nd Boot Device as CD-ROM, and 3rd Boot Device as IDE-O, or whatever your boot hard drive is.
  5. Save and Exit from BIOS.