How to connect to the GoFlex Satellite™ from an Android device

Connecting to the GoFlex Satellite from an Android Smart Phone or Tablet is a fairly simple process.

  1. Turn on the GoFlex Satellite by pressing the power button.
    Note : You will not be able to connect via Wi-Fi and USB at the same time, so be sure the USB connection is not plugged in when you begin.
    The green power light should come on, followed by the Wi-Fi signal blinking blue light.
  2. Connect to the GoFlex Satellite network.
    1. Unlock the Android device.
    2. Go to the main screen (on the Android).
    3. Click the Home button.
    4. Choose Settings (tablet users: go to Apps and choose Settings).
    5. Choose Wireless & Networks.
    6. Check that Wi-Fi is turned on (checked).
    7. Choose Wi-Fi Settings (not necessary on some versions of Android).
    8. Choose the GoFlex Wireless network.

      (Enter password if one was set on the GoFlex Satellite.)
  3. Open the browser on your Android (usually represented by a globe icon labeled browser) or open an app that support DLNA media servers.
    Seagate recommends you use the Seagate Media app, available for free in the Play store.
  4. If you are not using the Seagate GoFlex Media app, open your browser and in the address bar, type either:

    and you will connect to the GoFlex Satellite through the browser.

    In a DLNA-compatible app, just browse media servers and find the GoFlex Satellite.

Different browsers offer different experiences. The default Android browser will usually prompt which application to play a multimedia file with, where other browsers may just present an error message.

Note : Viewing local content and the folder view are not available when accessing the GoFlex Satellite via the browser instead of the app.

Some apps that support DLNA media servers also offer playback of a larger range of files, so if your media collection includes files not natively supported by the Android, it may be best to review what those other apps can offer.