How to find files transferred from a Panasonic camcorder to a Seagate external drive

Provides the backup location for files saved to a Seagate external drive from a Panasonic camcorder.

Once your files have been transferred from the Panasonic camcorder to a compatible Seagate external drive, you can access the files by safely removing the Seagate drive, then connecting it to a Windows computer.

Please follow this procedure to access the files transferred from the camcorder to the Seagate drive:

  1. Connect your Seagate external drive's power cable to the wall.
  2. Connect the Seagate external drive to the power cable.
  3. Connect the Seagate external drive via USB to the computer.
  4. Once the computer recognizes the drive, open (My) Computer or Windows/File Explorer.
  5. Find the drive, which displays label as CAM_HDD, with a drive letter that Windows automatically provides.

  6. In this example, a video file has been transferred to the drive.
    Access video content using the path AVCHD > BDMV > PANA_EXT > STREAM.


A video file that is larger than 4 GB will be divided into several files (by the camcorder) that are each approximately 3.99 GB in size due to the drive file system FAT32; for example a 13.17 GB video file will be divided as follow: 3.99, 3.99, 3.85 and 1.34 GB.