How to install the Drive Manager software included with the Samsung and Maxtor External Drives

How to install the Drive Manager software included with some Samsung and Maxtor series drives on a Windows computer.

Samsung and Maxtor external drives include optional software. The drive can simply be plugged into the computer and used without software (see Document ID: 206419 for details), or the software can be installed to add backup and Secret Zone capabilities.


The Drive Manager software includes:


●       Autobackup

●       Secretzone

●       Secure Manager - a secure external hard drive management solution

●       External drive management tools



Please follow this procedure to Install Drive Manager:


1.     Connect the Samsung or Maxtor drive to a Windows computer.

2.     Open (My) Computer/ This PC

(Windows 8: Press the Windows key () + D to arrive at the desktop, then open File Explorer ().

(Windows 10: click on File Explorer > This PC > Devices and Drives)

3.     Double-click to open the external drive.

4.     Double-click the Samsung_Drive_Manager.exe or the Drive Manager Install.exe file.

5.     Follow the software installation prompts.

6.     If asked to reboot the computer, please save any documents you are working on, close any open programs, and click Yes.


Once installed, there are user manuals available to provide instructions on how to use the software. See the User Manual folder for manuals in various languages.