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How to reset the GoFlex Home

A look at the two different reset types for the GoFlex Home

How to reset the password on the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home


The GoFlex Home has two reset options. Both reset options involve the reset button on the right side of the base, when viewing the base from the back of the unit.

For both reset options, the unit must be on and fully booted. This is indicated with a solid green light and a solid white light on the front of the base.  You will need a small object, such as a paper clip, to perform the reset.

  • For a password reset, hold the reset button for approximately three seconds. 
  • For a user reset of the unit, hold the reset button for ten seconds. This will delete all user credentials from the unit, but it will leave the data intact.

In both cases, one of the lights will blink.  The top light will blink for a password reset.  The bottom light will blink when performing a user reset.

To finish the reset, return to your computer and, in an internet browser, type:

After a three-second reset,  a Setup Wizard will then appear.  A username can then be selected and the password reset for that user.  When creating a new password, please keep in mind the password needs at least 6 characters, with at least one digit.  Special characters are not allowed.

After a ten-second reset, you will go through the initial setup again, and a new GoFlex Home device name must be chosen.  The GoFlex Home device name needs to be unique, and will not take special characters.

While going through the full setup, make sure you click on the Next button only once on each page.