How to set up a backup with the Drive Manager software

Provides instructions for setting up a backup with the Samsung and Maxtor external drive and the Drive Manager software.

The Drive Manager software has several features. One of the key features is backup. Please follow this procedure to set up a backup with your external drive and the Drive Manager software:


1.     Double-click the Drive Manager icon on the Desktop to open the software.

If prompted, click Yes at the Windows User Account Control (UAC) window.

2.     Click the AutoBackup icon on the Main screen.

3.     Click the + (plus sign) next to the Create Backup Job button.

4.     Enter a name for the Backup Job in the Job Name field.

5.     Select your preferred options.


1.     Encryption: If enabled, the backup will not be visible on the drive and can only be accessed using the Drive Manager software. If the password is forgotten, the data is lost.

If disabled, the backup will be accessible on the external drive in the Samsung Software or the General Software folder.


2.     Historical Backup: By default, the backup will only keep the newest version of a file.

Once you select the Historical Backup option, a prompt displays to select how many versions of files should be kept on the external drive as additional backups. This is useful if you may need to restore an older version of a file later.


6.     When finished making your selections, select Add.

7.     Enter a SafetyKey password.

This will be used if you need to modify the backup in the future. If you selected the Encryption option, this password will also be required when restoring data.

8.     Select which files to back up. Use the General tab to choose files by type, or click the Advanced tab to select files by folder.

If you switch between the General and the Advanced tab, all selections are reset.

9.     Click the Backup button to save the backup settings and begin the backup.

The backup will now run in the background and copy new files or changed files (of the selected type or in the selected folders) automatically while the external drive is attached.