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How To Sign-up for Lyve Data Services?


Here are the instructions to create a Lyve account as business or reseller. 


  • Go to 

  • Click on Get Started  

  • Select one of the options:  

    • Register as a Reseller/MSP 

      • Create projects on behalf of your customers with the intent to resell Lyve Services.  

    • Register as a Business 

      • Create projects on behalf of your own company with the intent to use Lyve Services for your own business needs. 

  • Enter your email address  

  • Create a password 

  • Validate the account by scanning the QR code or by SMS 


  • Record your recovery code   

Note:"To login to Lyve on a different device, you’ll need to enter a recovery code. Please record the code below and keep it somewhere safe."

  • Upon account creation, click on Continue to proceed with the registration process 


1 - Account Information 
  • Fill out the fields with your business information 


2 - Terms and Conditions 
  • Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions 

Note: if you have a pop-up clocker enable for this page, please disable it so you can proceed with the registration process.  


3 – Payment Information 
  • Insert payment options 

    • Select the payment option 

      • Credit card  

        • Fill out the credit card fields and billing address  

      • Pay by invoice 

        • To qualify for credit terms with Seagate, you must meet specific requirements. Pay by invoice is not available to all customers; granting of credit is subject to certain terms and restrictions. Please review our Service Terms before you apply. 

          • Customers must commit to at least $100,000 in annual contract value

          • Seagate may require customers to provide audited financial history 

          • Seagate may require customers to fill out a credit application. 


4 – Account Review 
  • Review account and click Confirm