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How to use a high capacity drive with the GoFlex Net dock

This article explains how to fit the larger drives into the GoFlex Net.

The GoFlex Net (model number: STAK100 [US] and STAK200 [Europe]) includes a dock into which GoFlex and GoFlex Pro ultra-portable drives can be inserted for easy access.

The FreeAgent GoFlex ultra-portable drive is available in, among other capacities, 1 TB and 1.5 TB. Some of the 1 TB GoFlex drives put out by Seagate are 22 millimeters in height, and 1.5 TB models are all 22 mm.

These GoFlex drives are ultra-portable, which means that, like all 2.5-inch external portable drives, they contain notebook-size hard drives inside the external casing. Lower capacity GoFlex drives are 15 mm in height, but the higher capacity (750GB, 1 TB and 1.5 TB) provide the larger capacity with a slightly larger size. These high capacity drives still have the advantage of operating solely on power from the USB connection (as opposed to relying on a separate power supply).

These 22 mm drives will fit into the GoFlex Net dock. At first glance, it may not appear to be able to fit, but it will fit with the removal of a piece from the GoFlex Net. Please see the below images:

You will hear a "click" sound once the GoFlex drive is completely in place. Sometimes the GoFlex drive will not be detected if the drive has not been pushed in far enough. You should also feel the drive spinning (if the GoFlex Net is powered on) if the GoFlex drive has made a proper connection.