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I'm Unable to Connect to my Lyve Drive Shuttle Over the Network on my Windows PC



Due to security settings in Windows, you may need to take some additonal steps when connecting to a Lyve Drive Shuttle over a network with a domain.  Because of malware that exploits how networks work, Microsoft disabled guest access to network shares on certain versions of Windows.  This includes Windows 10 Enterprise and Education versions.  The Home and Professional versions are unchanged.


One option is to revert this change and enable guest access again on your computer, but this is not suggested due to security concerns.


The suggested solution is to use the Set Credential feature of the Lyve Drive Shuttle to give it a username and password so it's accessible from your Windows computer.


1. Connect your Lyve Drive Shuttle to power, your network, and then wait for the device to boot

2. Use the device password to login

3. Tap on the settings icon and tap on Network, then Set Credentials

4. The device password is required to edit the network credentials.  Enter the device password and tap Next

5. Type in the username and password for the Windows computer you want to access your Lyve Drive Shuttle and tap on Create

6. Tap on Connect to Network on the screen of your Lyve Drive Shuttle


You should now be able to access the Lyve Drive Shuttle from a Windows computer with the same credentials you typed into the device.