Innov8 Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides important information and answers frequently asked questions about Innov8.

Please find below answers to common questions regarding the Seagate Innov8 product.

What sets the Seagate Innov8 apart from other desktop storage devices?
The Seagate Innov8 combines huge capacity with the ability to operate with only a USB-C connection, no additional power adapter required.

What cables are included with the Innov8?
The Innov8 includes a single USB-C cable. No other cable is required.

Can the Innov8 function while connected to a USB-A port?
Using a USB-C-to-USB-A cable adapter will not damage the Innov8 product or computer, but using such an adapter is not supported.

Can the Innov8 function while connected to a USB hub, dock, or dongle?
Individual results may vary, but connecting the Innov8 to this kind of equipment is not supported.

Will the Innov8 deplete my computer's battery more quickly than a smaller product?
The Innov8 is a 3.5-inch product, the first of its kind to be powered by the USB interface alone, drawing power from the computer’s power supply or battery to function. Compared to other USB-powered drives that are 2.5-inch, it does require more power to operate. The difference in battery depletion will vary from computer to computer. Users may take other actions to extend battery life, such as dimming the screen, closing other applications, and disconnecting other devices.

Does Seagate recommend leaving the Innov8 connected to my computer indefinitely?
After a certain period of inactivity, the Innov8 should spin down (sleep) so as to use less power. If your computer receives power through one single USB-C port, you will need to safely eject the Innov8 drive before disconnecting the Innov8’s cable to make room for your power cable.

Are all USB-C cables created equal?
Seagate stands behind any cable included with your Seagate or LaCie device. If you need in additional or replacement cable, a cable that is certified USB-IF compliant is recommended.