This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Jumper setting diagram for all Fireball LCT series hard drives.

Provides jumper configuration information for the Fireball LCT drive.

See the diagram below for configuring the jumper settings on your Quantum Fireball lct08, Fireball lct10, Fireball lct15, or Fireball lct20 disk drive.

This diagram applies to both the Fireball lct08 and Fireball LCT10 ATA disk drives.


This diagram can also be used for configuring the jumpers on the Fireball lct15 or Fireball lct20 disk drive. The jumper settings on the lct15 and lct20 models have the same functionality as the LCT08 and LCT10 models. The only exception being that the Fireball LCT15 and LCT20 drives are shipped from the factory with its default jumper position set to Cable Select (CS).