1-Click Troubleshooting

This article covers troubleshooting for 1-Click software.

Unable to copy files:

At the end of a backup, the program will announce what files were unable to be copied. There are many reasons why a file wouldn't copy. The most common causes are:

  • An incompatible file system. Make sure the LaCie disk is in the same format as the source. For Mac, that is usually "Mac OS Extended". For Windows, it is "NTFS".
  • Read/write permissions. On Vista, make sure the program is "Run as administrator." To do this, right-click the program icon, then choose "Run as administrator" in the small menu that appears. On Macintosh, make sure the backup source does not contain system folders (such as /System or /Library.)

Confusing error messages regarding .Net or VB

Error messages of this nature are exclusive to the Windows version of the program. 1-Click relies upon a program called ".Net" If there is a problem with this program, the 1 Click software will fail to run, and often will produce a large error message. To fix this, remove .Net using the "Add or remove programs" option in Control Panel, then reinstall it. It is available from Microsoft's website, and Windows Update.

Run time errors with the LaCie 1-Click back up

Download and install .net framework from here

I am not able to see the files that I backed up using the 1-Click software.

Open My Computer and select Folder Options under the Tools menu.
  • Select the View tab.
  • Locate Hidden files and folders.
  • Move the dot from “Do not show…” to “Show hidden files…”
  • Uncheck “Hide protected…operating files…”
  • Click on Apply.
  • Click on Apply to All Folders.
The files should show the next time the window is opened.

1-Click backup does not have any buttons, and can not be used.

Old versions of the 1Click software required Windows DPI settings to be set to "Normal." If the 1 Click software appears without buttons, uninstall the software, and download the latest version from here Mac and Windows