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2big Network 1 - Changing the RAID Mode

Changing the RAID mode involves two main steps, changing a physical setting and confirming the setting on the NAS administration page.

CAUTION: Changing the RAID mode destroys all data stored on the LaCie 2big. If you have saved data on the drives, back up data before following these steps.

To change the RAID mode:

1. Insert a small, flat-blade screwdriver into the groove on the rotary switch and turn the screwdriver to the left or right to select a different mode (Fig. 1).
2. Sign in to the NAS administration page administrator account.
3. Click on System > Disk > RAID.
4. Select the “Apply modifications” box (A in Fig. 2) and click the Apply button (B in Fig. 2).

The 2big will create a new RAID array and erase all data from the disks. It may also reboot, in which case you will need to log in again to continue administration.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2